Thai Education Visa in Chiang Mai is not accepting any new enrollments


Why We’re the Best.

  • We Limit Class Sizes and Only Enroll Serious Students.
  • We Offer a Range of Classes at All Levels and Run Them Each Month.
  • We Have Awesome, Full Time, Salaried Teachers That Really Enjoy Teaching.
  • We are Professionally Managed with Native English Speaking Staff.
  • We Have a Great Location and Offer a Comfortable and Fun Atmosphere.
  • We are not just a Team but also Family.


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Students from China Learning Thai

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How to obtain your Thailand Student/ED Visa

  • Apply in person here in Chiang Mai or from abroad.
  • We will provide you with the documentation needed to obtain your visa.
  • You apply for the visa at the Thai embassy or consulate of your choice.
  • If You Have Any Questions, Don’t Hesitate to Ask.
  • Contact Us by Facebook Messenger or Email.



Interview with Michelle and Adam – Thanks for the video Calvin




Chiang Mai's Best ED Visa - Thai Ministry of Education Licensed.

Education Visa at We Learn Thai chiang Mai

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Our System is Simple.

  • We provide ED Visa’s for 6-Months or 1-Year at a time.
  • After you enter Thailand on your ED visa, you extend your visa at the local Immigration every 90 days.
  • Classes start monthly, so you are welcome to jump in at any level and progress at your own pace.
  • Study in the morning and afternoon.
  • Classes meet for 2 hours each day, 4 days Per Week.
  • You Can Get Your ED Visa with Us for Up To Three Years.





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What’s Included in Your Thai ED Visa Tuition

  • Books and Material are Provided Free of Charge.
  • Processing of all documents for maintaining your visa.
  • Cultural activities and outings. Some of which are free.
  • High speed internet and lots of space to stretch out.  Bring you work from home.
  • Fresh ground coffee and tea.








Group Study Prices

  • 180 Hours of Group Classes. (each 6-months)
  • Classes Meet 2 hours a day , 4 days a week.
  • 20,000 – 180 Hours – 6 Month
  • 30,000 Baht – 360 Hours – 1 Year


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ED Visa – Private Study Prices

  • 180 Hours of Private Lessons.
  • 45,000 Baht – 180 Hours





Chiang Mai’s Best ED Visa Program

Fun and Energetic Classes

The Day of the Fruit Lesson


Speak Thai in 15 Days - Intensive

Real Teachers, Real Students, Real School


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