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Study With Others That Want to Learn Thai

Speak Thai in 15 Days – Conversation for Beginners to Advanced


What to Expect

Speak Thai in 15 Days, will get you speaking quickly. It meets everyday for three weeks. Our method focuses on learning easy patterns of Thai language structure and reinforcing it through intensive Thai conversation practice followed by e-learning that Includes audio samples so you can tune your ears, practice pronunciation and improve your ability to differentiate tones. You will be practicing conversation with classmates from the 1st day and by the following week talking about your plans and what you did the night before. The course tuition includes the book and matching e-learning.  After you finish the course,you can continue to use the online web-based e-learning.




  • Course Length  45 Hours – 3 Weeks – 3 Hrs per Day.
  • Daily Schedule:  3 Hours Total Each Day.  Two Hours of Conversation and Language Instruction plus 1 Hour of Instructor lead E-Learning each day. **Occasionally in the Evening we’ll have a 30 hr 2hr/day version.
  • What’s Included:  Book, E-Learning, Wifi, Coffee and Tea.
  • Requirements:  Laptop or Tablet are preferred but a Smart phone will work fine.  E-Learning is Web Based.
  • Enrollment and Class Size:  Please enroll early.  Maximum class size is 8.
  • Price:  4900 Baht.


Lvl 1 – Speak Thai in 15 Days – Every 3 Weeks
Lvl 2 – Speak More Thai in 15 More Days – Every 4 Weeks
Lvl 3 – Speak Like a Thai in 15 Days – Every 6 weeks

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Relaxed or Intensive – You Pick Your Pace


Speak Thai in 4 Weeks – Relaxed

4 weeks – 30 Hours – 3600 Baht

This course utilises the same Same Material and Methods as our Speak Thai in 15 Days class but at a more relaxed pace.  Each day you will spend a fair share of the time practicing conversation and pronounciation with fellow classmates.  After conversation practice, we present some new material that incorporate some simple and easy to learn patterns. We then put that newly learned material to use and practice some more.

In this course, repetition is key. Students should come energised and ready to practice speaking. Our classrooms are arranged in a horseshoe fashion witch is effective for conversation practice. Students who studied elsewhere and have a large vocabulary but can’t speak are encouraged to join.

Matching / Accompaning E-Learning is included and you are encouraged to use after class or in the evening, but it’s not necessary.

Speak Thai in 4 Week Courses are Broken Down into 3 Levels instead of 2.  Books are provided with course.

Speak Thai in 15 Days – Intensive

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Read & Write Thai in 4 Weeks – Relaxed

4 weeks – 30 Hours – 3600 Baht

One of the best parts about learning to read and write Thai is you can finally get a good grasp on the correctly pronunciation words utilising the near native tones and pronunciation of words. One of the main things we do in the course is practice, practice, practice. It’s a good feeling to be able to go out to eat, pick up a menu and start reading.  Our instructors are qualified and use the best techniques to teach. This course includes all materials. All of our classes are taught in a comfortable classroom environments with air conditioning and classroom furcations fashioned for the class you are taking.

  • Levels 1, 2 and 3 – 3 Months Total.
  • 2 Hrs / Day – 4 Days / Week.

Read & Write Thai in 10 Days – Intensive

2 Weeks – 30 Hours – 3600 Baht

  • Level 1 and Level 2 – Cover 60 Hours in 1 Month.
  • Level 1 Starts Early in the Month and Level 2 Follows Mid Month.
  • 3 Hrs / Day – 5 Days / Week.



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Erika and Nicha - Private Lessons

Erika and Nicha – Private Lessons

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Buy Our Textbook

  • If you would like to purchase a copy of our We Learn Thai Chiang Mai text books prior to enrolling in class your are welcome to do so.
  • When you enroll we will gladly deduct the price of the text book from the course fees.
  • Our Speak Thai in 15 Days Text Book includes E-Learning is available for purchase for 500 THB each.
  • Speak Thai Level 2 and Reading and Writing Books are 300 Baht each.