12795431_10203935052815876_559599908901449244_nCel Lisboa – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Hello, guys! I would just like to say a few words about my happy experience at WLT. Learning a new language has always been challenging for me, but guess what? I am really learning this time around! This is truly impressive, and I feel very lucky to have chosen to study here. My teacher always find a way of putting everyone at ease and confident about learning and speaking thai. We actually have fun in class! Each student matters, and this is what makes the school so special, I think. I love the friendly atmosphere and I feel at home here. Keep up the good work!





Nigel Anderson – Melbourne, Australia

I have just completed the course ‘Speak Thai in 15 days’ at the ‘We Learn Thai Chiang Mai’ school.
I was very impressed with the teaching style of our teachers
They were animated and engaged with the class of 7 to build a very comfortable atmosphere, and I think all the students were very happy with this course.
The syllabus has been planned very well and the pace of teaching has been very responsive to the progress of all students in the class.

I recommend the We Learn Thai Chiang Mai school to anyone wanting to learn Thai.


12109146_453646521495592_1136946508462116473_nErika Gingerich – Idaho, America

I’ve attended classes here on several different occasions. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun and everyone goes out of their way to make me feel welcome and comfortable using my new language skills. I’ve progressed through several books and I enjoy using them as a resource at home as well. Thank you!






Soo Bin Moon – Korea

I met so many good people here and I learned a lot while having so much fun! I strongly recommend We Learn Thai Chiang Mai to anyone who’s considering to learn Thai❤







Cheryl Kim – Davis, California

My husband and I are amazed by how much we learned in a short amount of time. This class gave us the confidence and skills to start speaking Thai and we use our textbook daily as a resource! We highly recommend the level 1 conversation class for any new beginner!






Nicolai Wöller – Germany

Thank you very much for the lessons so far. 🙂
For people who consider taking one of the classes: The atmosphere is perfectly friendly, very relaxed and pretty much fun. No one puts pressure on you. Because of this you can learn speaking, reading and writing Thai in a very easy way.
And, in my case, I can stay in Thailand for about six month on an Educational-Visa, with a comparable small effort. Which is great. 🙂
Again, thank you so far smile emoticon



Fred and Kru Faai

Fred – Maastricht, Netherlands

Today I finished my first part of Thai language… I want to say big thanks to teacher Faai who is so great, has a lot of patience and really knows how to teach. In those three weeks, my talking improved a lot thanks to her…please give her my biggest compliments….. see you…….Fred