Information For Our Existing The Education Visa Students

Information for We Learn Thai’s students that just got their new ED Visa.

Please watch video and review bullet points below.


Important Points in The Video

  • Stop by We Learn Thai Chiang Mai so we can make a scan of you passport, visa and confirm Thai immigration didn’t make any mistakes in issuing or stamping your passport.
  • We will hand you a packet with instructions for your house landlord regarding registering with immigration. Form TM-30. Most landlords know how to do this, however, some are resistant. It’s important you stay on top of it.  It’s a requirement to process the papers for you visa extension.
  • After they register you, they will give you a copy of the registration and you will bring that in to We Learn Thai, so we can process you extension.
  • Make sure we have you on the schedule to start studying Thai.

Extra Perks for ED Students.

  • We can draft a letter for you to get a Thai Bank Account.
  • You can hang out at our school and use our WiFi during business hours.
  • Field trips for ED Students are discounted.