How to Apply For an Education Visa in Chiang Mai

Schools in Chiang Mai Accepting Enrollments.

Sorry, We Learn currently isn’t Accepting Enrollments.

How to Apply for the Thai ED Visa?

We’ll Fill out the Thai ED Visa Application out for You.

The required application is in Thai language and is a little difficult to fill out.  We have our own Questionnaire for you and from the information you provide along with a copy of your passport, we’ll fill in the blanks on the actual application that we send to the Thai Ministry of Education. The actual application requires some information that can seem a little strange. We assist with getting the correct information the first time around. After, we’re done filling out the Thai version of the application, we’ll go over it with you and have you sign it.

Fluent English Speaking Staff available..

How to Apply Locally Here in Chiang Mai…

  1. Come on into our school we’ll fill out our enrolment form together.
  2. Bring your passport with at least 2-3 weeks remaining on your current passport visa.
  3. Bring a Minimum of 10 visa or passport photos 4×6 cm.
  4. We will process the papers…  It usually takes 1 week but sometimes can take up to 3 weeks in a very very rare occasion due to busyness at the ED office.
  5. Return to We Learn Thai Chiang Mai to pick up your completed packet of papers to take to your favorite Thai Embassy or Consulate.

How to Apply From Outside Thailand or Chiang Mai…

  1. Request by email and Fill Out our enrollment form.
  2. E-mail the enrollment form along with a scan of each page in your passport..  Color 300 dpi minimum please.
  3. We will prepare the required documents you will need to sign. We do this with the enrollment form and scan of your passport you emailed to us.
  4. You will Sign the two (2) forms we emailed back to you..
  5. Mail the signed documents along with 10 Passport or Visa Photos (4x6cm) to us.
  6. After we receive the package of papers you just sent us we will forward them to the Thai Ministry of Education for processing..
  7. Thai Ministry of Education Processing typically take 1-3 weeks.
  8. After Processing, we return the approved completed set of documents to you so you can apply for you ED Visa..