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Speak Thai in 15 Days - Intensive

Speak Thai in 10 Days • Speak Issan in 10 Days

3 Hrs / Day – 5 Days  Week – 30 Hours – 3500 Baht

These Thai Conversation Classes will get you speaking quickly. This Class Meets 3 Hours Daily for 2 Weeks. Our method focuses on learning easy simple patterns of structured Thai language. We then reinforce it with intensive Thai conversation practice and follow that up with E-Learning that Includes several audio samples so you can tune your ears, practice pronunciation and improve your ability to differentiate tones. You will be practicing conversation with your classmates from the first day of class.  By the following week we’ll be talking about future plans and what we did the night before. The course tuition includes the book and matching e-learning.  If you’re looking to learn Thai in Chiang Mai quickly, this is the course for you.

Level 1 – Speak Thai in 15 Days – Starts Every Third Monday
Level 1 – Speak Issan in 10 Days – Starts Every First Monday
Level 2 – Speak Issan and Speak Thai – Please Check Schedule

Speak Thai in 4 Weeks - Relaxed

Speak Thai in 4 Weeks

Currently – Not Accepting Enrollment

2 Hrs / Day – 4 Days / Week

These 4 Week courses utilize the Same Methods and Materials as our Speak Thai in 15 Days classes but at a slower more relaxed pace.  Each day you will spend a fair share of the time practicing conversation and pronounciation with fellow classmates.  After conversation practice, we present some new material that incorporates some simple and easy to learn patterns. We then put that newly learned patterns to use and practice some more. In this course, repetition is key. We don’t overwhelm you with a lot of vocabulary but rather focus on getting you speaking. You will pick up the vocabulary on your own. Students who attend this course should come ready and willing to participate. E-Learning is included.

Meets Monday to Thursday – Levels 1, 2 and 3 ( 90 Hours Total ) 

ED Visa - Long Term Study

Education Visa Support (6 Month or 1 Year)

Enroll at a school offering ED Visa’s, Here’re our  recommendations.

ED Visa support for 6 Month and 1 Year ED Visas.  

Only Serious Student Apply

We Learn Thai is currently looking for a new location where You’ll be able to study with others that want to learn Thai. We use the same methods and materials as in our intensive courses.  Only difference is you’ll be studying at a more relaxed pace.  Eight hours per week instead of 15.  You’ll be extending your visa and chatting with immigration with confidence. Stop, check us out and you’ll see why we have the best ED program.


Our Fun, Energetic, Qualified Teachers Ensure your Success.

The Little Things That Make a Big Difference

The Little Things Make a Big Difference

Why We’re Different

Students that enroll at We Learn Thai Chiang Mai are enrolled for the same purpose as you, which is to Learn Thai. We have maximum group sizes which are followed which ensures the success of our students. Our Classrooms are large, air conditioned and comfortable.

Different Classrooms for Different Subjects.  Conversation classes are arranged in a semi-circle fashion which is ideal for our methods of teaching conversation.  And our reading and writing classes are spacious and comfortable so you have plenty of room to practice.  You won’t be rubbing elbows with the guy next to you.

The Little Things..

  • Energetic, Outgoing, Fluent English Speaking Teachers and Staff
  • Co-Working Space for Students.
  • Free Coffee, Tea and WIFI.
  • All Materials are Included in the Price of our Courses. (No Hidden Fee’s)

Our Methods and Material

Our Methods and Material – (18 Modules in All)

What’s a Module?

  • 1 Module = 30 Hours of Course Work.  Your Typical 4-Week Class.

BeginnerSpeak Thai in 15 Days - Level 1 - Book Cover

  • 8 Modules each one is 30 Hours –
    • 3 Conversation Modules Utilising Phonetics to Get you Speaking Quickly
    • 3 Reading and Writing Modules
    • Matching E-learning is included with all conversation classes. E-learning includes audio for all the the conversations and homework which is a valuable resource for tuning your ears.
    • 6 Months of Material
  • Total of 180 Hours – 3600 Baht Per Course


At this stage, we get students at various levels.

  • We have 6 Modules – 30 hour each, with our material we can accommodate students with a wide range of strengths and weaknesses.
  • Fun and easy to follow lessons include accompanying audio of real life conversations.
  • Audio lessons have include both Thai and Phonetics.  At this stage we want to focus on weaning you off the phonetics 100 %.
  • Total of 180 Hours – 3900 Baht Per Course

Upper Intermediate

  • 6 Additional Modules – 30 hour each
  • These classes are designed to accommodate students who have different strengths and weaknesses.
  • Total of 180 Hours – 3900 Baht per Course

Qualified Teachers

Why our Teachers are the Best

Who we Hire

Good energetic, outgoing, Fun, English speaking teachers are hard to find.  Even though almost all of our teachers hold degrees in education from reputable universities, we don’t overlook opportunities to hire from other fields of study.

We look at a combination of things when it comes to hiring.  Education, experience, personality and if they’re going to fit in with the team and are they willing to work hard.


We hold regular training sessions.  We train with our special techniques for teaching and continually strive for improvement.  Teachers are required to present to their co-workers and also required to give feedback.  We ensure all the teaches know the material before they enter the classroom full of students.

All our employees are cross trained, to teach, work with customers, use the computer.  Everybody is here to serve.

There’s more to teaching than just opening a book in front of a class repeating vocabulary and holding up flash cards.  We teach conversation here at We Learn Thai.

Happy Teachers + Happy Students = Great Place to Study Thai

The Best of Speak Thai in 4 Weeks – Level 1.  Thank Karim for the video.

[youtube https://youtu.be/3EvO7KuTshw&w=480&h=270&rel=0&showinfo=0&start=6]

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Real Testimonials from the Heart

12795431_10203935052815876_559599908901449244_nCel Lisboa – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Hello, guys! I would just like to say a few words about my happy experience at WLT. Learning a new language has always been challenging for me, but guess what? I am really learning this time around! This is truly impressive, and I feel very lucky to have chosen to study here. My teachers always find a way of putting everyone at ease and building our confidence about learning and speaking Thai. We actually have fun in class! Every student matters, and this is what makes the school so special. I love the friendly atmosphere and I feel at home here.

Keep up the good work!


Nigel Anderson – Melbourne, Australia

I have just completed the course ‘Speak Thai in 15 days’ at the ‘We Learn Thai Chiang Mai’ school.  I was very impressed with the teaching style of our teachers. They were animated and engaged with the class of 7 to build a very comfortable atmosphere, and I think all the students were very happy with this course.  The syllabus has been planned very well and the pace of teaching has been very responsive to the progress of all students in the class.

    I recommend the We Learn Thai Chiang Mai school to anyone wanting to learn Thai.


Cheryl Kim – Davis, California

My husband and I are amazed by how much we learned in a short amount of time. This class gave us the confidence and skills to start speaking Thai and we use our textbook daily as a resource! We highly recommend the level 1 conversation class for any new beginner!

Fred and Kru Faai

Fred – Maastricht, Netherlands

Today I finished my first part of Thai language… I want to say big thanks to teacher Faai who is so great.  She has a lot of patience and really knows how to teach. In those three weeks, my talking has improved a lot thanks to her…please give her my biggest compliments….. see you…….Fred