Thai Private

Private Study or Small Groups


250 Baht Private Lessons

  • Includes Free Book with E-Learning.
  • Sign up for 30 Hours
  • Minimum of 2 hrs per session and 3 Sessions per week.
  • Time slots available Early Mornings, and afternoons.
  • You can continue on Skype or Facetime if you leave Chiang Mai or want to study from home.
  • Add 100 Baht for each additional person.
  • Add 100 Baht for each hour taught after 6pm.


We Learn Thai Chiang Mai Thai Language School



Private Lessons – Standard Prices

1 Person

  • Less than 10 hours               350 / hr
  • 10 or more hours                  300 / hr
  • Sign up for 30 Hours            250 / hr + Free Course Books with E-Learning   –  7,500 Baht

2 or more people

  • Add 100 Baht for Each Additional Person per hour


Private Lessons at We Learn Thai Chiang Mai

**Additional Info

  • Large Groups Rates – Please Contact Us – We Can Arrange.
  • Evenings after 6pm and Weekends – Add 100 Baht per hour.
  • Sessions lasting less than 2 hours – Add 100 Baht.
  • For each 1 hour taught, please allow for 10 minute break.







Private Group Packages

 10 Hour Beginner Conversation Private GroupStudents at WLT

  • Class Size: Minimum of 4
  • Price: 1000 Baht Each
  • Length: 10 Hours
  • Schedule: We’ll Work It Out Based on You Time and Our Availability.
  • Time Frame:  Can be as short as 3 days or spaced out over one month.
  • Special 10 Hour Course Book Included.  Stop By to Take a Peek at the Book.




We Learn Thai is for Sale ! is closed.  If you interested in buying, Contact Us.

Please enjoy free e-learning and download a free copy of book 1 for a limited time.