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Pete – Co Owner – Managing Director

Education and Experience

  • Double Major Electrical and Electronic Engineering, California State University, Sacramento.
  • 1 Year – Teaching Physics at one of Mexico’s most prestigious Schools, Technology of Monterrey.
  • 5 Years – Process Controls Engineering.
  • 5 Years – We Learn Thai Chiang Mai
  • TEFL Certified from Language Institute, Chiang Mai University.


Nicha – Co Owner – Managing Director

Education and Experience

  • Professional Thai teacher with 13 years of teaching experience.

  • Graduate Diploma is in Teaching Education.
  • Combination of experience in both education and toursism makes her well qualified to teach Thai language to foreigners.


Nicha has created her own methods for teaching Thai language to foreigners, using a combination of games, flashcards and the textbooks that she has written.  She has developed two versions of  textbooks: the first uses English phonetic spelling, for use with students that are only interested in learning to speak and understand the spoken word; the second textbook, uses the Thai alphabet, and is intended for those who want to speak, read, and write the Thai language.

Whether you are interested in a short, intensive course to match your short visit to Thailand, or a long-term, in depth course, for those who intend to make Thailand their permanent residence, Nicha’s teaching methods and materials will ensure success.






  • Grew up in America – Native English Speaker.
  • Bi-Lingual in both English and Thai.
  • Teaches English.
  • Works as PR specialist, Customer Support and Reception.

Skills and Free time

  • Certified by Asia’s Center of TESOL – 2014
  • Loves to teach English groups to children and teenagers.
  • Excellent and planning well though out custom lesson plans for all levels of students.
  • Native Bi-Lingual – Thai and English
  • Great Personality and Easy to Get Along With








  • Bachelor’s Degree from Chiang Mai Rajabhat Universtiy
  • Majored in English Education

Skills and Strong Points

  • Active, Energetic and Outgoing
  • Loves to Teach











My name is Pacharapanote Panthata, but my friends call me Pat. I graduated from Maejo University with a major in Integrated Communication. I sing very well, and in fact, singing is my other part-time job. I like teaching Thai language and also enjoy learning English; I think it’s a good challenge. I’m a kind and calm person; if you need help about Thai language, you can ask me anytime. I’m always more than willing to help!





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